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3 Kings of Cloud Computing! Google, Amazon and Microsoft

Google, Microsoft and Amazon are said to be the three kings of cloud computing. Moreover, all the three are built with a view to give users’ public cloud platform, through which they can run their daily work operations smoothly and efficiently. Let us discuss each one it with examples in order to understand their strategies […]

Android OS Based High Resolution Digital Camera

A Android OS based high resolution digital camera that Samsung may be working on could change the future of sharing pictures. Why not have a Android high resolution camera separate from your phone? I think it would be a great idea if Samsung teamed up with Nikon and put together this Android OS on one of their Nikon models. One could […]

Benefits of Cloud Accounting Software

At this point, it would be fair to say that the internet has changed the way we conduct business initiatives. Using cloud-based platforms like Google Plus, business partners can communicate with each other at the push of a button. They can choose who sees what, and streamline important information simply by opening a document to associates in […]

4G Networks: Will it kill the Wi-Fi hotspot?

Nowadays on one hand where internet availability has become an absolute necessity another added need of the day, which is also growing day by day, is the availability of portable internet as you move around the globe, anywhere and anytime. Given this need in most parts of the developed and developing world, a greater stress […]

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