3 Kings of Cloud Computing! Google, Amazon and Microsoft

3 Kings of Cloud Computing! Google, Amazon and Microsoft

Google, Microsoft and Amazon are said to be the three kings of cloud computing. Moreover, all the three are built with a view to give users’ public cloud platform, through which they can run their daily work operations smoothly and efficiently. Let us discuss each one it with examples in order to understand their strategies in a better manner.

Google Cloud


Google offers users public cloud services in the form of Google Docs and Google Apps Engine. Google Docs is a highly compatible platform, which features characteristics like keeping a track of documents, spreadsheets, presentations and drawings of organizations. Not only does it help to create a much coordinated work environment but also reduces the hassle of managing all such files on hard disks and hard drives of the computer systems. One can share and access any type of file or document stored in the Google Docs from any computer system and at any point of the hour. So, there’s more scope for businesses to focus on other business strategies and grow their roots across the globe. In the current scenario when technological innovations have brought considerable changes in the IT infrastructure organizations, cloud computing is also an upcoming branch, which has given organizations greener work environment.

Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft’s Windows Azure Platform is built keeping private cloud architecture in mind. Private cloud as everybody is aware of enables only authorized parties to have an access of the stored data. No third party is allowed to share confidential data and is therefore, considered as one of the secure cloud forms than the other two. With Windows Azure Cloud users get the privilege of the following advantages:

Resource Optimization: users coordinate with each other in a better way. By stating this we mean that efficient management of end-to-end users take place in which both in-house IT premises as well as offsite IT premises are monitored thoroughly.

Agile Development: work operations are done with agility giving rise to a synchronized business environment. This also means whatever applications are developed using private cloud architecture can be shared and accessed amongst authorized parties within the organizations and with ease. Role of agile development is an important part in cloud technology.

Elastic and Flexible: these two factors automatically emerge if all the activities in cloud are carried out smoothly. And with Windows Azure Cloud,one can get all of this and more.

Amazon Cloud

Amazon Cloud

Although, the recent collapse of Amazon EC2 Cloud gave tremors to the business entities associated with it, it still is gathering more traffic to add to its popularity. Amazon’s VPC or virtual private cloud and EC2 public cloud architectures have been the most competitive storage cloud computing systems that has helped users to put every bit of their assets comprising of IaaS, SaaS and PaaS on it and make their daily work operations act effectively, efficiently and most competently. According to Mark Suster, an investor with GRP Partners “Where open-source computing gave us a 90 percent reduction in our software, Amazon gave us a 90 per cent reduction in our total operating costs.”

Which out of the three cloud computing kings are best is hard to identify and conclude, but the future of cloud market as per several IT researchers and professionals is not just bright but going to take over the Internet world as a sway.

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