WIFI Daredevil Rollei ActionCam S-30 WiFi

WIFI Daredevil Rollei ActionCam S-30 WiFi

Super Easy filming done with this ActionCam Rollei. Because with free apps effortlessly remotely and you have live streaming with a range up to 10 meters. And then even such a sleek slim design!

Europe is the legendary German camera manufacturer Rollei in I quickly become a major player in the market for action cameras I. The brand is now in second place. That’s not surprising when you look at the price / performance ratio. Take the just-released S-30. The free apps for Android and iOS you operate this camera effortlessly away. You also need live streaming with a range up to 10 meters! That makes working with these cameras, however, super easy! With its sleek design, this action camera is easy to fit into your equipment. There could be trouble free space in this design for a 1.5 inch LED display plus five large control buttons, making the S-30 very user-friendly. The elongated streamlined design fits perfectly to use in dynamic action sports, where a fast look especially if a benefit is seen. Just a very cool thing to see!

WIFI Daredevil Rollei ActionCam S-30 WiFi


With the included underwater you can go up to 10 meters deep and is the S-30 protection to a fall height of 3 meters. For video, you can choose from the formats 1080p, 720p / 60bps and 720p / 30fps. Besides normal action videos you shoot videoloops: infinite continuous videos of 1, 3 or 5 minutes. Ideal if you want to be ready for a particular event.
The picture resolution is 5 million pixels. For action series there are settings for 3, 5 or 10 photos each time you press the start button.

Rollei has only 75 gram ActionCam S-30 Wi-Fi with a high quality super wide with an angle of 120 degrees. That is large enough for a broad view of everything you experience, while the bias remains nicely under control.

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